Bulky Item & On-Call Collection

Bulky Item Annual Collections*

2 times a year, PSSI provides an annual Bulky Item Pick Up day for Stanford faculty and staff residents.

The Spring Clean Up is April 27, 2024

Please check back here for the ongoing schedule. Look for notifications by mail and in our quarterly newsletters.

On-Call Collection Program*

For an additional fee, Stanford faculty and staff residents can schedule an individual on-call collection. Click here for rates. Contact us for more information.

Collection begins at 7 am, please set materials out the night before.
All material must be bagged, tied, boxed, or bundled, weigh less than 30 pounds per unit, and be placed on the curb or alleyway.

Bulky Items
Examples include appliances (including refrigerators), furniture, wood pallets, mattresses, E-Waste (Computer monitors, televisions, and other items containing Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) will be collected during the clean-up, but only if your name and address are on the item. This is a requirement by the State of California), bundled and tied Yard Trimmings (no longer than 4 feet and less than 3 inches in diameter), wood waste, and similar large items that weigh no more than two hundred (200) pounds.

Reusable Items
Items in good, clean, and working condition will be collected for reuse. Reusable items must be set aside from other items and be labeled “REUSE”. Click here for a downloadable signClick here for a list of common reusable items.

Recyclable Materials
Large quantities of cardboard, paper, metal, and accepted recyclable glass and plastic containers will be collected for recycling. Click here for a list of what belongs in the Recycling. Please box or bundle small, multiple items.

Yard Trimmings
Contained grass clippings, flowers, leaves, and weeds, bundled and tied tree trimmings, pruning material, and branches (no longer than 4 feet and LESS THAN 3 inches in diameter), and clean wood with no hardware, paint, or stain will be collected for composting.

Items that are NOT collected as part of the Bulky Item collection program include: abandoned automobiles, large auto parts, food waste, trees, construction and demolition debris, dirt, rock, brick, or sod, treated wood waste, hazardous waste, or anything over 200 pounds.

Treated Wood Waste (TWW) comes from old wood that has been treated with chemical preservatives. These chemicals help protect the wood from insect attack and fungal decay while it’s being used. Fence posts, sill plates, landscape timbers, pilings, guardrails, and decking, to name a few, are all examples of chemically treated wood. As of January 1, 2021, Treated Wood Waste (TWW) will be considered hazardous material and must be disposed of as such. For more information about treated wood waste and where to transport it, please click here.

*The Bulky Item and On Call Collection items must be generated by the resident at the service address where the items are collected.