Waste Reduction is the Law

Reducing Waste is the Law!

Small steps add up to BIG changes in reducing waste! Together we can all make a difference!

WASTE REDUCTION LAW SENATE BILL 1383: Is a statewide effort to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCP) by reducing organic waste disposal in landfills.

HOW DO I COMPLY? You must have ORGANICS collection service and put all food, food-soiled paper, and yard trimmings in the green cart/bin. Visit: www.calrecycle.ca.gov/organics/slcp/ for more info.

WASTE REDUCTION LAW: ASSEMBLY BILL 827: Requires businesses to provide clearly labeled recyclables and organics collection containers to collect these materials generated from products purchased on the premises.

HOW DO I COMPLY? Provide the proper collection containers with correct signage for your customers to sort their waste properly. Visit: www.calrecycle.ca.gov/Recycle/Commercial/Organics/PRToolkit for customizable signage and more.

WASTE REDUCTION LAW: ASSEMBLY BILL 1276: Prohibits food facilities and third-party food platforms from providing any single-use food ware accessories or standard condiments to customers, unless requested.

HOW DO I COMPLY? Say “NO” to single-use! Provide single-used food ware accessories upon request only. Self-service accessory stations are compliant with the law.