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Zero Waste By 2030!

The University’s Zero Waste Plan has established a new waste system that adopts best practices, industry standards, and efficiency standards to ensure all waste is disposed of correctly. This new system, currently coined as the Zero Waste Building System Transition, will not only help us reach our zero-waste goal, but will also reduce exposure to germs and pathogens, keep bins more sanitary, and meet future state regulations. Click here for more information about the Zero Waste by 2030 Program.


Event services:

Your resource for producing a successful (and zero waste) event!


Green Event Planning:

Learn more about what you can do to help reduce waste, conserve resources, and make your event Cardinal Green.


Special Event Work Request:

All events scheduled to occur outdoors on Stanford’s main academic campus (LBRE serviced areas) require Customer Funded work requests to be placed. (Grounds/Irrigation, Landfill/Recycle/Compost Collection, and Janitorial) Each service should be submitted as its own request.